Grant Habata serves as Of Counsel to the Gourjian Law Group.  He has worked as an attorney for over twenty-five years, both in-house and in private practice, focusing on real estate law (commercial and residential), corporate law, real estate and other asset based financing law, and estate planning.  In addition, Mr. Habata has additional experience with non-profit entities, business litigation and taxation, with a passing familiarity with political law, intellectual property law and bankruptcy.

He has worked at a number of small to mid-sized real estate law firms, representing purchasers, owners, tenants, banks, thrifts and governmental agencies in various real estate related transactions.  Some representative clients include a large hospital/medical group in Southern California, US subsidiaries of large international banks, well-known developers, and a large shopping center operator.

Mr. Habata spent over ten years at the California Association of Realtors (C.A.R.), writing a number of briefs in amicus curiae cases, as well as tracking and analyzing legislation, speaking about real estate law, and writing articles for various journals.  He has provided advice to other real estate attorneys, real estate licensees and practitioners, and commercial entities, in addition to helping in acquisitions and formation of new entities for the parent organization and its subsidiaries.

Prior to working at C.A.R., he worked in-house at a venture capital company, and a commercial real estate and financing company, and has experience representing lenders, creating investment vehicles, and analyzing potential target companies.

Mr. Habata currently serves on the board of the Southern California Housing Rights Center, and previously was President of the organization.  He has worked on fair housing issues for over fifteen years, and is proud of the achievements of the Southern California Housing Rights Center.

He graduated from the Boalt Hall School of Law (UC Berkeley), and also holds a Master’s in Public Policy from the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley.  He graduated with honors from Harvard University.

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