Gourjian Law Group’s business law practice is designed to efficiently meet the complex legal needs of the clients by providing practical legal advice and industry expertise. Gourjian Law Group offers a balanced and thoughtful approach to helping clients achieve all of their business goals. We provide comprehensive legal representation to businesses in various industries, including technology, finance, retail, distribution, manufacturing, and fulfillment. Our business law practice encompasses all aspects of business transactions, ranging from forming new corporate entities to representing established companies through complex financing, restructuring, and acquisitions. For a select few of our clients, we serve as general counsel for their businesses. This affords our clients the peace of mind that comes with knowing that every transaction is being reviewed or negotiated by their own, personal legal team.


As part of our business law practice, we also represent our clients in any business-related litigation matters that may arise. Our business litigation practice gives our clients practical and cost-effective problem-solving assistance. We recognize that every legal dispute presents a unique set of challenges that must be handled according to the specific circumstances surrounding it. Whether a resolution can be reached through simple negotiations, alternative dispute resolution, or complex litigation, Gourjian Law Group stands ready to achieve the best results for our clients.